UNIV Social Projects comprise a written description of a social project and an oral presentation on the day of the Congress.

The goal of UNIV Social Projects is to:


  • Showcase student service initiatives around the world.
  • Show how the intellectual and cultural work of the university can put itself at the service of the wider community.
  • Promote the dignity of each human person.


Email workshops@univcongress.info if your question is not answered below.


Who can participate?

  • University students: Individual or teams of up to five people.
  • Secondary school students may only participate if at least half of the team members are university students (for example, three university students and two secondary school students).
  • Work by graduate students or those who have completed advanced degrees (Master, Ph.D., etc.) will not be accepted.


How to submit a written paper:


The selection process

  • After you submit your paper, the Scientific Committee of UNIV will review it once using the Evaluation criteria and requirements for Social Projects.
  • All participants will receive an email by Monday, March 21, 2019 indicating whether or not their paper has been selected.
  • About four papers will be selected to be presented on the day of the conference in  meetings rooms with a capacity of about 25 people.
  • In addition, four finalists will be selected to present one of the large auditoriums. The finalists will be notified of their selection in the same email that all participants will receive before March 21.


Requirements for submissions:

  1. Language: English, Spanish or Italian(1).
  2. Your paper must have been supervised by a university professor or doctoral student who approves the research.
  3. Content
    • Your paper will be graded based on the evaluation criteria (download). Please read the criteria beforehand to know how the projects will be graded.
  4. Format
    • Title page: Each paper should have a title page with the following information:
      1. The authors’ names and ages
      2. The authors’ university, program/major, and their year (e.g. first year freshman)
      3. The authors’ city and country of origin
      4. A short abstract
    • There are additional instructions on the second page of the evaluation criteria (download)

(1) If you cannot submit it one of these 3 languages, you can ask the Scientific Committee for permission to submit in another language.

Note that if your project is selected, your oral presentation must be in one of three languages of UNIV.