Ways of participating

criterios de seleccion


General Criteria for UNIV Presentations in Rome


1- To participate in UNIV 2016, one may submit any of the following:

2- Presentations may be submitted in English, Spanish or Italian[1].

3- Each presentation must have been supervised by a university professor or doctoral student who approves

the research done.

4- It is recommended that the research be done by university students. In the event that any high school

student wants to make a presentation, she will have to be integrated into a team composed mainly of college

students, for example, three university and two high school students. There can be up to five people on a


5- The annexes detail the evaluation criteria for each type of submission:
The score for each criterion ranges from 0 to 4:

0- Criterion not followed / insufficient;

1- Criterion partly followed / room for improvement;

2- Criterion followed / satisfactory;

3- Well done / very satisfactory

4- Excellent

6- In bold (cf. Annexes, third column) the minimum required score for each evaluation criterion is highlighted.

If they do not reach the minimum total score (49/72 points for written papers; 27/40 for the videos; 44/68 for

social projects) the presentations will not be selected.

7- The presentations will be corrected by the Scientific Committee only once. It is recommended that

presentations which are selected and have some remarks or comments be improved for their presentation in


8- It is advisable to prepare a presentation of your submission in a digital medium, whose format is in

Microsoft Power Point, PDF or Prezi. The presentation should be sent with the final version of the work; in

such a way that it can be opened on the day of the presentation on any computer without having to access

other storage devices or the Internet.

9- The best presentation in each category will be awarded on the day of the Congress. The evaluation will take

into account the oral presentation.



[1] The written text can be presented in another language, upon request to the Scientific Committee. If the work is

selected, the oral presentation must be in one of three languages UNIV has aforementioned