The regional phase of UNIV in Russia was held for the 6th time


14 Dec The regional phase of UNIV in Russia was held for the 6th time

On the 15th of October 2015, the Russian State University organized the regional phase of the UNIV Congress. The purpose of this meeting was the present what UNIV Congress in Rome is and to awaken the youth the desire to reflect on the specific question on the role of the family in the society, both on the personal and professional level.

The conference was carried out with the active participation of “Volga” Foundation. This foundation promotes the values of the family, marriage, motherhood, and the raising of the standard of education and culture of women, youth and children in the Russian society. It organises a variety of cultural and sports activities for children, youth and parents, in order to help everyone to revive the local traditions and culture.

The presentation was given by Maxim Stepanov, the Vice President of the International Relations and Strategic Development RSSU; Polina Razheva, the director of the “Volga” Foundation, and Alexander Dianin-Havard; the author of Liderazgo Moral.

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