“Taking Notes”: lectures, interactive workshops and testimonies in Argentina


23 May “Taking Notes”: lectures, interactive workshops and testimonies in Argentina

“Taking Notes” was the theme of the third annual congress Jornada de Compromiso Universitario, that took place in La Chacra, Buenos Aires, from April 29 to May 1. More than 60 university students participated in the event that consisted of lectures, interactive workshops and testimonies.

Jornada de Compromiso Universitario reunions are sponsored by Impulso Social, an Argentinian ONG that aims at developing a social conscience in young people. Impulso Social trains young people to carry out social projects that foster the dignity of the human person and a culture of work.

Some of the guest speakers were: Lic. Sebastián Blasco that spoke about “Puentes que unen, muros que separan”; Marcela Specos from the Hospital Buen Samaritano; from Lebanon via Skype Julia Mendoza, journalist; Damián Donelly that talked about his project “Espartanos”; a Rugby team of prisoners. Damián arrived with Emiliano who had been in prison until three months before the event.

Each one of the lectures and testimonies provoked meaningful questions in the participants: What am I doing with my life? How do I build bridges in a world that is in motion? Can I do anything else?

The workshops addressed themes such as fostering a culture of encounter, dialogue and empathy.

The theme of UNIV 2017 was presented at the end of the congress as the starting point for the local phase of UNIV in Argentina that will take place on September 10, at the Campus of the University Austral. The Uruguayan journalist Carolina Bellocq have a lecture titled “A World in Movement”, the theme of UNIV 2017. In her lecture, Ms. Bellocq presented a synthesis of the conflicts and expectations that are present in the different regions of the world.


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