Paloma Cantero, speaker for UNIV Congress


12 Mar Paloma Cantero, speaker for UNIV Congress

Paloma Cantero (Twitter: @PalomaCanteroGm) is a lawyer, expert in international relations and one of the most influential personalities in Europe in the area of Law and Politics according to the list “30 under 30” prepared by Forbes magazine in 2017. She is CEO of YouthProAktiv and CWC, a consultant with representation in companies and organizations before the European Institutions. She is also founder of the social enterprise specializing in personal development courses for couples YesIDo! She is passionate about leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as social movements, human dignity and fashion.



Paloma has the motto: Freedom for Excellence; she explains that the idea of freedom is sometimes a bit confusing or can be interpreted in different ways. Freedom has the ultimate goal of reaching excellence. You are not free to do only what you want. There is the freedom to do things well, with excellence And the more you work to perfect the person and generate a positive impact on others. Choosing well makes us more free.